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Mucoshave redux

Hot off the presses.

It’s not just snot
In your bag of tricks
Ahem some phlegm
Into the mix

Earlier Mucoshave rhymes here and here.

Mucoshave update

The latest addition to the Mucoshave oeuvre:

His beard grew bigger
He looked like a beggar
He couldn’t bag ‘er
For want of a booger


I wrote a new Mucoshave rhyme the other day. It’s one in an occasional series I’ve been doing for a long time, based on the old Burma-Shave road signs.

You will never
Run out if
You squeeze out
Your handkerchief

Older ones:

Supply of shave cream
Comes and goes
But you always
Have your nose

Sneeze it out
Smear it on
Scrape it off
Beard is gone

Nose is full
Of soft green goo
Use on beard
And mustache too

When you pick it
Do not flick it
Lube your face up
That’s the ticket

Here’s one contributed by my friend John Sweet:

A foamy gob
All nice and hot
Feels like lather
But it’s snot