What brings you here 2008

Last year I joked about being disappointed that more of the hits on my blog weren’t sex-related — just 7.7%, counting hits for “vampire lesbian girl scouts.” Well, be careful what you wish for. This year fully 30% of the searches that produced hits on this site were sex-related, and of those, more than half were just looking for my tiny screengrab of Polly Walker naked — and frankly I’m again disappointed. In the same year that I brought you the stars, my own blog-a-thon, and the Bob-o-matic — and that was just January — you guys couldn’t get your mind out of the gutter. 402 posts, something like 200,000 carefully-chosen words, and all you can say is, “Look! Tits!”

Ah well. I’ll keep doing my part to elevate the discourse around here, but clearly if I want to keep my hit-count up I’ve got to throw the occasional bone to the lowbrow crowd.

Polly Walker; atia timon sex; naked polly walker; rome atia tits; “polly walker” nipple 16.3%
Rogaine; how much scalp is to much; script kevin spacey rogaine; itchy red scalp; rogaine before after photos 12.2%
Sex etc.; big bobg sex; jacking off using balloons sex; Masturbate biscotti; sexual positions lego; “Masturbate-a-thon”; Pretty Lady Sex; dildo attached to wall 5.4%
Susan Oliver/Orion slave girl; Green Orion Girl Porn; vina the cage star trek 5.0%
Erect nipples; notable nipples; hollywoods biggest nipples; cathy lee crosby nipples; sarah jessica erect nipples 4.4%
Vampire lesbian girl scouts 2.7%
Cathy Lee Crosby/Wonder Woman; THE ORIGINAL WONDER WOMAN; 1974 tv movie wonder woman 2.7%
James Bond villains; so we meet again mr bond+villain 1.9%
Batman; BATMAN GETS THE SHARK ON HIS LEG; batman hippies; batman mansion, gotham city; rubber shark batman; batman shark repellent bat spray 1.9%
Don Fanucci 1.7%
Star Wars; what date was the first friday in august 1977; TaunTaun Guts; exegesis the empire strikes back; how do lightsabers change colors in star wars; A picture of Han Solos face; will there be a star wars remake 1.6%
Birthday invitation 1.4%
Amy Linker; Amy Linker forest hills ny; Amy Linker Square Pegs 1.3%
Sir Topham Hatt; SIR TOPHAM HATT YOU HAVE CAUSED CONFUSION AND DELAY; thomas kills sir topham hatt 1.3%
Funny epitaph; Jewish headstone 1.1%
e to the i pi plus one; pi e relation transcendentals; arrigo mathematics 1.1%
Jaws ride 1.0%
Penis; kid draws penises 1.0%
Bob Falfa/Martin Stett; falfa vs milner 1.0%
Godfather 0.8%
Computer 0.7%
The Incredibles; lessons from the incredibles 0.7%
Raiders of the Lost Ark; bob falfa indiana jones 4; raiders of the lost ark, medallion; “raiders of the lost ark” “number on the crate”; musical note indiana jones theme 0.7%
Sharon Stone 0.6%
The end of Superman; how fast superman fly circumference; SUPERMAN REVERSING TIME; it is forbidden for you to interfere with time 0.6%
Jodie Foster 0.5%
Nygirlofmydreams 0.5%
Trophy; dna structure trophy design 0.5%
Comcast; threaten to disconnect comcast; PREMIUM CABLE CHANNELS HAVE ARTIFACTS; comcast removing channels 0.5%
Widescreen viewing area; formula “aspect ratio” diagonal 16:9; 4:3 area on 50 in widescreen; 27″ tv viewing area 0.4%
Star Trek/Enterprise/Kirk/etc.; Leonard Nimoy (Spock); “Trek 80” Game; first edition star trek star fleet technical manual; star trek Enterprise uniform sewing instructions 0.4%
Giraffe; giraffe drawn by kids 0.4%
Supertanker; dimensions of water carrying supertankers; become a supertanker captain 0.4%
Joe Costanzo; the primadonna joe costanzo; “Joseph Costanzo Jr. Pittsburgh AND Cafe Costanzo” 0.4%
Bob Glickstein; bang bobg; “danger inc” IMDB bob glickstein; bob glickstein hunter college; bob glickstein jonah blog; bobg clothing for women 0.4%
Dog; dog ate duraflame; “Alex The Dog”; car seat belt dog 0.4%
Pirates of the Caribbean; pirates of the caribbean scene similar indian jones raider of the lost ark knife dress; elizabeth swann red dress 0.3%
Salt Lake Flats 0.3%
Cigarettes/Camels/Still Life With Woodpecker; i haven’t had a cigarette for 9 days; tom robbins camel 0.3%
Thai gem scam; thai export center bangkok 0.3%
Sci-fi spaceships 0.3%
Entenmann’s; fudge ice’s golden cake; bimbo usa to drop entenmann’s 0.3%
Honda Fit 0.3%
James Bond; girls in credits silhouette of bond film; JAMES BOND GREATEST HITS; CONNERY BOND ROULETTE 0.3%
Millenium Falcon cockpit 0.3%
Games Magazine/Calculatrivia Marathon 0.3%
Contact film 0.2%
Vertical speed indicator/altimeter; how does a plane’s climb indicator work?; pitot static tube schematic 0.2%
Making Mr. Right 0.2%
Honeybee/bees in chimney; I am finding bees lying in my kitchen where are they coming from; bees in a fireplace 0.2%
Numerology 2008 0.2%
Indiana University; breaking away iu; “dan heller” bloomington indiana 0.2%
Lego; the ark of covenant made of legos; what is the smell at legoland 0.2%
Pez Museum; Why no Violet Pez?; burlingame museum of pez memorabilia 0.1%
Peter and the Starcatchers 0.1%
Candy; candy with cyclamate; candy invented in 1968; discontinued now and later candy flavors 0.1%
Bdsm 0.1%
Anakin/Padme; why did anakin turn to the dark side so easily; How much do Anakin’s talent, pride and ambitions affect his decision to turn to “the dark side”? 0.1%
Incremental backup 0.1%
Inverted flag 0.1%
Vincent Price; vincent price as the saint; Vincent Price – Freedom of Religion Speech; was vincent price gay 0.1%
Watch neighbor undress; URSULA UNDRESS 0.1%
Bush smile; bush paraguay; bush smirk 0.1%
Fizzies; fizzies magic soft drink tablets; fizzies into the swim meet 0.1%
xkcd; XKCD E I PI 0.1%
Bugsy Malone/Scott Baio; who sings coca cola give a little love and comes back to you; jodie foster in bugsy 0.1%
Carl Sagan; circumference of the earth + sagan; carl sagan “tonight show”; i had a crush on carl sagan 0.1%
Pine Knoll Bungalow Colony 0.1%
Splashdown; meaning of karma slave; “feel so elated” Would you, would you, would you, would you Please bring me joy; splashdown the archer lyrics what does it mean? 0.1%
Cynthia Nixon; cynthia nixon childhood; young cynthia nixon; “manhattan project” “cynthia nixon” 0.1%
Danger 0.1%
Adam Stoller 0.1%

An open letter to Paul Krugman

Dear Professor Krugman,

Congratulations on your well-earned Nobel prize.

I was heartened recently to read your column, “Life Without Bubbles” — not by the part where you write, “we’re in for months, perhaps even a year, of economic-hell,” which is just acknowledging the depressingly obvious, but by your assertion that “Late next year the economy should begin to stabilize, and I’m fairly optimistic about 2010.”

In dire need of some positive news, of something to look forward to, I seized on that “fairly optimistic” line as many others have done in the week since you published it, despite its vagueness, its throwaway nature, and the fact that it’s mostly beside the point of your article.

But then I thought, “Hmm. Suppose I were Paul Krugman, Nobel-prize winning economist and one of the best-known, most well-respected voices on current affairs. Suppose I knew the basic fact of economics that the public’s collective confidence in the economy is self-fulfilling: when people are optimistic about the future, by and large the economy improves; and even more certainly, when they’re pessimistic, it deteriorates. And now suppose that I, Paul Krugman, believed that things were going to get bad, really bad, for a long time — Weimar Germany bad. Would I tell it like it is — and knowing my own influence, be responsible for the resulting nosedive in public confidence and the economic ruin it would cause? Or would I feel a responsibility to say something positive even if I didn’t really believe it?”

So I’m having trouble knowing whether you’re sincere, or whether you’re secretly with Roger Ebert and just not able to express your sense of doom without hastening it.

Don’t bother replying. If you would write that you were really being sincere, I won’t know whether to believe that and we’ll be right back where we started. But if you would admit that you were being unsupportably rosy in an effort to delay the inevitable, that’s something I’d just rather you not say in public.

Whistling in the dark,
– Bob

Les quatre cents cool

It’s gee bobg post number 400, and time again to turn the podium over to the Bob-o-matic.

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A holiday tradition

You didn’t think I was going to leave you hanging, did you? It’s a little late in the season but here’s my annual reimagining of a popular seasonal song.

You better not look
You better not leer
Your best bet is getting the
Hell out of here
Santa Claus is wearing a gown

He’s batting his eyes
And pursing his lips
Walking in heels
And swinging his hips
Santa Claus is wearing a gown

When Mrs. Claus is sleeping
He sneaks into her clothes
He calls some elves in a girlish voice
And they paint each other’s toes

When Christmas is done
The year is so long
He passes the time
In drag — that so wrong?
Santa Claus is wearing a gown


Flux capacitor fluxing

So yesterday I’m on Facebook and I see a status update from my friend Amy from elementary school, who moved to Hollywood and was an actress for a while. Attached to her status update is a comment from one Claudia Wells, a name I recognize. Another elementary school classmate of mine and Amy’s? I send her a “friend” request with the note, “Are you the Claudia Wells from P.S. 196 in Forest Hills, NY?”

She writes back promptly to say she isn’t — she’s a classmate of Amy’s from high school. That’s when I Google her and discover she’s the actress who played Marty McFly’s girlfriend in Back to the Future, the film in which a short-circuit sends Michael J. Fox thirty years into the past. And then I remember that the Claudia who went to school with me and Amy had a different last name entirely. How did I get it wrong? I guess seeing the name “Claudia” juxtaposed with Amy’s caused a mental short-circuit — one that sent me into the past — by exactly thirty years! (To 1978, my last year of elementary school and the last time I saw Amy or Claudia.) I write back and tell her so.

I slay me. I’m quite sure Claudia Wells doesn’t get nearly enough Back to the Future references in her life.