What brings you here 2008

Last year I joked about being disappointed that more of the hits on my blog weren’t sex-related — just 7.7%, counting hits for “vampire lesbian girl scouts.” Well, be careful what you wish for. This year fully 30% of the searches that produced hits on this site were sex-related, and of those, more than half were just looking for my tiny screengrab of Polly Walker naked — and frankly I’m again disappointed. In the same year that I brought you the stars, my own blog-a-thon, and the Bob-o-matic — and that was just January — you guys couldn’t get your mind out of the gutter. 402 posts, something like 200,000 carefully-chosen words, and all you can say is, “Look! Tits!”

Ah well. I’ll keep doing my part to elevate the discourse around here, but clearly if I want to keep my hit-count up I’ve got to throw the occasional bone to the lowbrow crowd.

Polly Walker; atia timon sex; naked polly walker; rome atia tits; “polly walker” nipple 16.3%
Rogaine; how much scalp is to much; script kevin spacey rogaine; itchy red scalp; rogaine before after photos 12.2%
Sex etc.; big bobg sex; jacking off using balloons sex; Masturbate biscotti; sexual positions lego; “Masturbate-a-thon”; Pretty Lady Sex; dildo attached to wall 5.4%
Susan Oliver/Orion slave girl; Green Orion Girl Porn; vina the cage star trek 5.0%
Erect nipples; notable nipples; hollywoods biggest nipples; cathy lee crosby nipples; sarah jessica erect nipples 4.4%
Vampire lesbian girl scouts 2.7%
Cathy Lee Crosby/Wonder Woman; THE ORIGINAL WONDER WOMAN; 1974 tv movie wonder woman 2.7%
James Bond villains; so we meet again mr bond+villain 1.9%
Batman; BATMAN GETS THE SHARK ON HIS LEG; batman hippies; batman mansion, gotham city; rubber shark batman; batman shark repellent bat spray 1.9%
Don Fanucci 1.7%
Star Wars; what date was the first friday in august 1977; TaunTaun Guts; exegesis the empire strikes back; how do lightsabers change colors in star wars; A picture of Han Solos face; will there be a star wars remake 1.6%
Birthday invitation 1.4%
Amy Linker; Amy Linker forest hills ny; Amy Linker Square Pegs 1.3%
Sir Topham Hatt; SIR TOPHAM HATT YOU HAVE CAUSED CONFUSION AND DELAY; thomas kills sir topham hatt 1.3%
Funny epitaph; Jewish headstone 1.1%
e to the i pi plus one; pi e relation transcendentals; arrigo mathematics 1.1%
Jaws ride 1.0%
Penis; kid draws penises 1.0%
Bob Falfa/Martin Stett; falfa vs milner 1.0%
Godfather 0.8%
Computer 0.7%
The Incredibles; lessons from the incredibles 0.7%
Raiders of the Lost Ark; bob falfa indiana jones 4; raiders of the lost ark, medallion; “raiders of the lost ark” “number on the crate”; musical note indiana jones theme 0.7%
Sharon Stone 0.6%
The end of Superman; how fast superman fly circumference; SUPERMAN REVERSING TIME; it is forbidden for you to interfere with time 0.6%
Jodie Foster 0.5%
Nygirlofmydreams 0.5%
Trophy; dna structure trophy design 0.5%
Comcast; threaten to disconnect comcast; PREMIUM CABLE CHANNELS HAVE ARTIFACTS; comcast removing channels 0.5%
Widescreen viewing area; formula “aspect ratio” diagonal 16:9; 4:3 area on 50 in widescreen; 27″ tv viewing area 0.4%
Star Trek/Enterprise/Kirk/etc.; Leonard Nimoy (Spock); “Trek 80” Game; first edition star trek star fleet technical manual; star trek Enterprise uniform sewing instructions 0.4%
Giraffe; giraffe drawn by kids 0.4%
Supertanker; dimensions of water carrying supertankers; become a supertanker captain 0.4%
Joe Costanzo; the primadonna joe costanzo; “Joseph Costanzo Jr. Pittsburgh AND Cafe Costanzo” 0.4%
Bob Glickstein; bang bobg; “danger inc” IMDB bob glickstein; bob glickstein hunter college; bob glickstein jonah blog; bobg clothing for women 0.4%
Dog; dog ate duraflame; “Alex The Dog”; car seat belt dog 0.4%
Pirates of the Caribbean; pirates of the caribbean scene similar indian jones raider of the lost ark knife dress; elizabeth swann red dress 0.3%
Salt Lake Flats 0.3%
Cigarettes/Camels/Still Life With Woodpecker; i haven’t had a cigarette for 9 days; tom robbins camel 0.3%
Thai gem scam; thai export center bangkok 0.3%
Sci-fi spaceships 0.3%
Entenmann’s; fudge ice’s golden cake; bimbo usa to drop entenmann’s 0.3%
Honda Fit 0.3%
James Bond; girls in credits silhouette of bond film; JAMES BOND GREATEST HITS; CONNERY BOND ROULETTE 0.3%
Millenium Falcon cockpit 0.3%
Games Magazine/Calculatrivia Marathon 0.3%
Contact film 0.2%
Vertical speed indicator/altimeter; how does a plane’s climb indicator work?; pitot static tube schematic 0.2%
Making Mr. Right 0.2%
Honeybee/bees in chimney; I am finding bees lying in my kitchen where are they coming from; bees in a fireplace 0.2%
Numerology 2008 0.2%
Indiana University; breaking away iu; “dan heller” bloomington indiana 0.2%
Lego; the ark of covenant made of legos; what is the smell at legoland 0.2%
Pez Museum; Why no Violet Pez?; burlingame museum of pez memorabilia 0.1%
Peter and the Starcatchers 0.1%
Candy; candy with cyclamate; candy invented in 1968; discontinued now and later candy flavors 0.1%
Bdsm 0.1%
Anakin/Padme; why did anakin turn to the dark side so easily; How much do Anakin’s talent, pride and ambitions affect his decision to turn to “the dark side”? 0.1%
Incremental backup 0.1%
Inverted flag 0.1%
Vincent Price; vincent price as the saint; Vincent Price – Freedom of Religion Speech; was vincent price gay 0.1%
Watch neighbor undress; URSULA UNDRESS 0.1%
Bush smile; bush paraguay; bush smirk 0.1%
Fizzies; fizzies magic soft drink tablets; fizzies into the swim meet 0.1%
xkcd; XKCD E I PI 0.1%
Bugsy Malone/Scott Baio; who sings coca cola give a little love and comes back to you; jodie foster in bugsy 0.1%
Carl Sagan; circumference of the earth + sagan; carl sagan “tonight show”; i had a crush on carl sagan 0.1%
Pine Knoll Bungalow Colony 0.1%
Splashdown; meaning of karma slave; “feel so elated” Would you, would you, would you, would you Please bring me joy; splashdown the archer lyrics what does it mean? 0.1%
Cynthia Nixon; cynthia nixon childhood; young cynthia nixon; “manhattan project” “cynthia nixon” 0.1%
Danger 0.1%
Adam Stoller 0.1%

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