Mo’ moblogging

Well, no thunderstorms this trip (though I understood this to be one of New York’s thunderstormiest summers in living memory — perhaps its thunderstorm quota is depleted).

But I did hear the incredible SCREEEE of cicadas, and I ate a Knish Nosh knish, two New York summer attractions to which I had overlooked looking forward. And I don’t have the words to describe the trippy pleasure of watching one’s kids playing in one’s own childhood playground.

3 thoughts on “Mo’ moblogging”

  1. “Cooler” in both senses. One item that I remember in that playground from childhood, no longer to be found, was the sliding pond, which in this playground was distinct from the “slide.” The latter was a free-standing structure with a ladder, but the sliding pond was built into an inclined section of the park itself, with concrete steps leading to its top. It was a very wide, flat slope of stainless steel. While we kids sat in school all day long, it absorbed and stored vast amounts of solar radiation for later transfer to the backs of our bare thighs — with tremendous efficiency, as I recall painfully.

  2. Yup, I remember that too. In fact, when my mom first took me to see our new apartment, we went over to the park and that was the very first thing I played on.

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