Ibid update

Ibid (“incremental backups to infinite disk”) is a tool I’ve written for backing up files. When I first posted it (read about it here, download it here) it was at release number 18. Now it’s at release 24. Here are the changes between then and now.

  1. If the same pathname is encountered a second time in one session, don’t treat it as a hardlink to the first time.
  2. Restructure the ~/.ibid directory and add an extra level to target pathnames when many sessions begin to accumulate.
  3. If the old session file was compressed, compress the new session file the same way.
  4. For determining whether a file is a mere rename of one already archived, consider its size in addition to its device, inode, and modtime.
  5. When running with –ensure, flag (in the session record) the files that have been verified as present in the archive, so that future sessions won’t have to reverify the same files.
  6. Remove an extraneous newline from “ibid -D” output.

Still to do: a proper home page for ibid.

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