Dr. Harris is happy

In August I wrote of the impending closure of our pediatrician’s office. That has now come to pass. The private practice has been converted into an office of the HMO Kaiser Permanente, with two of the practice’s five pediatricians being brought into the fold, including ours, Dr. Harris.

In these times of widespread health-coverage horror stories it is a relief, and also a little embarrassing, that we were able to get Kaiser Permanente coverage for the kids at little added expense and without affecting the coverage we already had. So today Archer paid his first visit to Dr. Harris in his new, improved office to get a flu shot.

Andrea reports they were each excited to see one another, Dr. Harris showing off his new office while taking Archer for a tour, and Archer showing off his “monster shirt” for Dr. Harris. Archer was brave as usual getting his shot. As for lamenting the old practice: I assumed its demise would be cause for some sorrow on Dr. Harris’s part, but the staff told Andrea they’d never seen him so happy.

So once again, what looked in August like a crisis has revealed itself as an opportunity. Crisitunity!

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