I could do this all day

I know I wrote that it’s Christmastime now, but hearing my first Christmas jingles of the season yesterday (at the supermarket when foraging for lunch) got my blood up anyway, and inspired me to compose yet another version of an old favorite.

You better watch out
You better go hide
You better not shout
Or venture outside
Santa Claus is coming to town

He’s packing some heat
And wearing a vest
His posse of elves
Will root out your nest
Santa Claus is coming to town

He sees you through a window
His scope is infrared
If you dive behind that lump of coal
You just might not wind up dead

So get outta Dodge
Don’t stay to talk trash
Get on a bus
Pay only with cash
Santa Claus is coming to town


6 thoughts on “I could do this all day”

  1. No, but I do remember the story “The Sign at the End of the Universe” from the same anthology. (Google, google… can’t find the author.) The text of the story was:

  2. Given the current political climate, I find this “big brother” concept of Santa all too real! Chilling . . .

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