Jonah’s birthday invitation

Jonah’s having a “Neverland” party. It was going to be a “pirate” party until we learned that his friend Jude would be having a pirate party too right around the same time. It was hard to talk Jonah out of the “pirate” theme — until we hit upon Neverland, which has flying, Indians, mermaids, a crocodile, and pirates!

It helps that we recently read Peter and the Starcatchers.

One thought on “Jonah’s birthday invitation”


    Marillion are one of my favorite bands ever, and this is a wonderful song. It’s about Peter Pan having grown up and later in life realizing how much he loved Wendy and never told her.

    In the kitchen
    With your dreams

    Will you fly
    Take to the sky

    Undo the hooks
    Once and for all
    Banish the tic tic tic tok tok tok

    Will you be
    Yourself for me
    Cause I can take it
    I can stand

    When you’re with me
    I can stand it
    I can stand

    But when you’re gone
    I never land
    In Neverland

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