Wonder Woman meets… The Long Tail!

Yay, it’s the Cathy Lee Crosby/Ricardo Montalbán Wonder Woman TV movie from 1974, online for free (courtesy of AOL Video)!

[Updated: inline video player removed due to errors in certain browsers. Click here to view the complete Cathy Lee Crosby Wonder Woman movie.]

[Updated again, 2 Jul 2010: Wonder Woman is no longer available at AOL (hasn’t been for a while), but you can now see it on YouTube.]

Cathy Lee in this movie was my second TV crush, after Nancy, the irrepressible nine-year-old from the original 1972 Zoom. Ah Nancy, the six-year-old in me yubbearns fubbor yubbou stubbill.

Hooray for the long tail, and — though I thought I’d never say this — hooray for AOL!

Now if only someone would put that other terrible TV movie from my childhood online somewhere: Stowaway to the Moon!

3 thoughts on “Wonder Woman meets… The Long Tail!”

  1. Nancy? Bernadette r00led!

    Oh and it’s funny you should mention childhood crushes. I was channel surfing last night and stumbled across one of my biggest. Kim Richards (Nanny and the Professor, Escape to Witch Mountain, Hello Larry, etc). Unfortunately, what was on was Meatballs II. Ugh, unfortunately I also just learned she’s Paris Hilton’s aunt!

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