Wow wow wow wow wow

I’m an avid reader of DailyKos. Once in a while I post an article of my own there, but those invariably sink like a stone in DailyKos’s highly competitive article-rating system, and almost no one sees them. On very rare occasions I post a comment about someone else’s post, but those get even fewer readers so I seldom bother.

Just now, however, I was moved to post the comment “Wow wow wow wow wow” after reading the post John Edwards and The Best Christmas Gift Ever by someone called “leisure.” I hope you’ll read it too. Your heart will grow three sizes.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

It’s the time of year when I dream up new lyrics for a Christmas classic!

You better not pout
You better not cry
Your tears might confuse its
Robotic eye
Santatron is coming to town

The first Santa Claus’s
Body’s long gone
The new metal one will
Last an eon
Santatron is coming to town

It knows when you are sleeping
It reads what’s in your head
Its detecting network’s sensitive
From UV through infrared

Its thirty-two limbs
Are state-of-the-art
Its thorax holds Santa’s
Still-beating heart
Santatron is coming to town