The You-rinator

One afternoon in 2003, during my summer as a stay-at-home dad, inspiration struck and, while infant Jonah slept, I sent this message to Andrea:

From: bobg
Subject: The best idea I’ve ever had

You know how women are always complaining that when men pee, they miss the toilet bowl?

I propose to build a male-peeing simulator for women: the “You-rinator!” Standing behind a waist-high pedestal, you’ll dial in how strong or weak the stream should be, then reach around the front to aim a fleshy nozzle at a toilet bowl. A stream of brightly colored liquid lets you see how well you do. Don’t forget to shake the drop off at the end!

It would be a huge hit at bars.

In the great tradition of geniuses being unappreciated in their lifetimes, Andrea’s response was, “Oh my god. I can’t believe how weird you are.”

Now ThinkGeek brings us Super Pii Pii Brothers, an “Amazing Virtual Pee Experience from Japan.”

Yes, it’s only an April Fools gag, but it’s the same idea, which must mean it has some merit. Maybe I was wrong to heed Andrea’s dismissive reaction. Maybe the You-rinator has a future after all. Maybe one will be coming soon to a bar near you…

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