Boy was I wrong

I sure am glad I didn’t get my way during the presidential primaries. John Edwards would surely have been a step up from the Bush administration, but as one negative news item after another makes clear, he wouldn’t have been the leap forward that Obama already has been. And considering that these stories started breaking while the election was still in progress, we might now have President McCain, or perhaps by now even President Palin.

Bullet: dodged.

One thought on “Boy was I wrong”

  1. I was for Edwards as well (of the top 3) but fortunately he had dropped out before our (MA) primary and the revelations to come. (I believe as wronged as Elizabeth was, she was complicit in allowing his candidacy to proceed if in fact he had fessed up to her before announcing – which had he secured the nomination and the affair were made public, she would have done to the Democrats and the country what he had done to her.)

    I was forced to pick the most viable candidate whom I believed was ideologically closest to me. (My ideal choice of all the contenders was Kucinich but he had the proverbial snowball’s chance.)

    Obama is not as liberal as I would have liked but given Hillary’s hawkish rhetoric and penchant for revisionism, I preferred him but would have taken either.

    His Afghanistan surge and his bellicose attitude toward going into Afghanistan in the 1st place do not comport with my philosophy but he is far better intellectually and tempermentally IMO than Bush, McCain or Palin (especiallyBush & Palin.)

    I believe he is the right person at this time to mend the damage done to our image by the former administrations, his economic policies notwithstanding and hope that the SCOTUS will be the recipient of several empathetic, liberal & intellectually honest justices in the near future.

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