Decade of dadhood

Ten years ago, Jonah was born, and I went from non-dad to dad.

A couple of years later, he singled out this toy from his ever-expanding collection and named it “Other Daddy.”

Last night I showed him that toy and reminded him that he once called it “Other Daddy.” He laughed at how adorable that was. Which was, itself, adorable.

Now imagine tiny moments like that, a few times every day, for 3,653 days in a row. And that’s just the tiny moments.

In my life I have been a computer genius, a film nerd, a published author, a private pilot, a serial entrepreneur, and a well-loved son, brother, and husband. They’ve all been great. Being a dad beats them all put together.

3 thoughts on “Decade of dadhood”

  1. Being a Dad only stays the best thing in the world until you have grandchildren. It’s almost all the good things about parenting and few of the worst. Unfortunately, you have to get old.

    Happy birthday to Jonah, happy anniversary to you! — Nathaniel

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