Alone again, finally

Last night was the iPost Christmas party at the four-star Hotel Monaco in San Francisco. Our friend Laura brought her niece Amelia to our place for a sleepover with Jonah and Archer. (She’s right between them in age. We joke that Jonah and Archer will fight over her when it’s time to choose a date for the prom.) This freed up me and Andrea to go to the party (in formal dress!), drink more than usual, hang out with folks until all hours, then retire to our room upstairs (on iPost’s dime) and spend the night completely alone. For the first time in over four and a half years!

Naturally we worried about how the kids would handle their first night with neither parent. We needn’t have — they both did great.

We knew it would be wonderful to spend a completely grown-up night, but it exceeded even our high expectations — as did Laura and her magic touch. (It’s Laura we adore-a. It’s Laura the world needs more o’.) And you can do a lot worse than spend an elegant evening being treated like royalty in the gorgeous Hotel Monaco (another eye-popping Kimpton hotel — we’ve stayed at their Argonaut and their Triton too and have loved them all).

Now the question is: Is this the shape of things to come? Or will last night have to tide us over for a few more years?

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