Jeez, this shit really works

Recently I decided to stop using anti-perspirant. I’ve applied it religiously, unquestioningly, almost every single day for most of my life without stopping to wonder whether it does what it claims, or whether I really need it. Is it all a put-on by the cosmetics industry? Does someone who showers daily and exerts himself minimally really need it?

The answer, for the first four days of the experiment, was “no.” That changed to a clear “yes” today, day five. ‘Nuff said; that concludes this experiment.

This was the second in an occasional series of personal grooming experiments I’ve conducted. The first was a test of the effectiveness of Rogaine (motivated by a suggestion from my doctor and only in part by my own vanity). I used it for several months and documented the condition of my scalp in a sequence of photographs taken once a week under identical conditions. Outcome: Rogaine is great for making your scalp feel itchy all the time, not for much else.

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