The month of no blogging

Historians of the future will wonder why June 2008 was the most miserly month for blog posts here at gee bobg. That is, they’ll wonder about it until they read this post, which will remind them that I’ve just started an exciting but challenging new job, while at the same time also being behind schedule on the side project that was supposed to wrap up before the new job began, but didn’t, so that I am now effectively doing two jobs. This post will further inform them that I’ve been filling much of my scant downtime by playing with my cool new toy: a Sony PlayStation 3 and The Orange Box.

Then, presumably, they’ll stop wondering.

But that won’t stop me from first apologizing for having indulged in the blogger’s loathsome practice of making excuses for a recent dearth of posts, or second from enthusing about “Portal,” one of the games from The Orange Box, which (despite the aforementioned scarcity of downtime) I finished in just a handful of late nights of extremely satisfying puzzle-solving. By the way, historians: the Jonathan Coulton song (“Still Alive”) that plays over the end credits is almost as much fun as the game itself!

Historians of the future will probably have tired of this post by the time I reach the part where I tell how exciting it is now that I’ve finally figured out how to stream music, photos, and video wirelessly from my computer to the PlayStation 3, and will wonder when I’ll shut up about the PlayStation 3 already. That is, they’ll wonder about it until they see that I’m promising to shut up about it right now.

Then, presumably, they’ll stop wondering.

Historians of the future may or may not believe my promise to update this blog more faithfully from now on, but they don’t have to take my word for it; at a glance they can just see whether or not I did. Unlike them, you and I must wait for the future to happen.

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