It ain’t acquittal less’n ah SAY it’s acquittal

Dear President Obama,

Much as I consider you an enormous improvement over your predecessor, there is no way in the world I can support your administration’s claim that you have “post-acquittal detention power,” a baldly tyrannical claim that is one of the very things against which our Founding Fathers rebelled in creating the United States of America.

OK, I lied. There is one way, and only one, that I will support this claim: if you will exercise that power to detain the top members of your predecessor’s administration, for inventing that perversely anti-American doctrine in the first place.

One thought on “It ain’t acquittal less’n ah SAY it’s acquittal”

  1. I agree that the denial of habeas corpus and claiming constitutional power to indefinitely detain anyone who is deemed by any AUTHORITY is a black mark on President Obama and his administration. This behavior is a function of FEAR which seems to inform most people who are afraid of losing CONTROL and President Obama has a predilection for self-control to a fault (largely for political capital IMO) and the fact that he wanted to be president is the utmost expression of desire to be in control.

    I am of the ultra-liberal persuasion and have been largely disappointed with the Obama administration’s domestic policy and his foreign policy w/regard to Iraq withdrawal and the escalation in Afghanistan via the “Surge.”

    As you note the improvement over the former administration is enormous in the diplomatic department but domestically while his tone and oratory are orders of magnitude beyond GWB’s, his actions and pussyfooting tell a different story – I call it Bush Lite. As I mentioned previously in Boy was I wrong I was for Edwards at the start of the primary campaign but supported Obama’s candidacy when Edwards providentially bailed out.

    If he decides to run again, unless a candidate with significant liberal bone fides challenges him in a primary, I will undoubtedly vote for Obama again but with considerably less enthusiasm than the last election. It always seems to reduce to the candidate who will do the least damage to my ideals.



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