Anything I can do they can do better

This morning my sons will complete a five-week course in cartooning that they’ve been taking at the San Francisco studio of the awesome Sirron Norris.

I took some Saturday-morning cartooning classes when I was around their age, and now that they have too, there is nothing left that I could do as a kid that they can’t. But there’s plenty that they can do that I can’t, even as an adult.

My kids Me as a kid Me as an adult
Cartooning yes yes yes
Swimming yes yes yes
Bicycling yes yes yes
Succeeding at school/work yes yes yes
Inexhaustible capacity for enjoying Star Wars and Lego yes yes no
Playing baseball yes no kinda
Playing a musical instrument yes no1 kinda
Martial arts yes no no
Choral singing yes no no
Gymnastics yes no no
Skiing yes no no

1“Hot Cross Buns” on the recorder doesn’t count.

It’s like they’re not ordinary kids. They’re… superkids!

2 thoughts on “Anything I can do they can do better”

  1. Well Bob, this can mean only one thing:

    Time for you to start gymnastics classes.

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